Select Page a redesign proposal

The problem

Old design, no functionalities

The website is an official portal of the BVL that lists all the food, cosmetic products or consumer goods recalled from the market for various reasons (usually something quite dangerous). I often need to consult it myself because of health issues related to food, and I am always annoyed at how confusing the search for a specific product is.
It should help the users understand whether any of the products they bought has anything wrong, and give them the tools to get assistance in case they already used or consumed it.
The design is incredibly outdated, there is a filter for selecting the kind of product and another, separate one for choosing a Federal State.
If the users want to check for a specific product, it may take a really long time.

Colours and style

As clean and simple as possible

I chose colours already used in other Federal websites. The yellow is just the one used on the flag (and the BVL logo), which gives excellent contrast and can be easily read also by color-blind people.
They use a proprietary font, so I just looked for the most common default option available, that would be used on browsers unable to download the original font.

Homepage and navigation

One main CTA

The main task that the users must be able to accomplish is to look for a product that they bought and that they fear may have a problem.

The main CTA is therefore a filter option. Using a common search function would be tricky, since so many groceries, cosmetic products and consumer goods do not have a precise name, or there are so many variations of it that it could be hard to find.
The menu is very simple and just shows the main links already present on the website.


Four main questions

As a user, there are four main questions I may need to answer: what kind of product did I buy, where and when did I buy it, and what am I worried about (for example, I may have experienced an allergic reaction even if the product should not contain anything bad for my health).

I also designed the icons, that should help people who may have a hard time reading or understanding German.


Linear list

The result will be displayed as a simple list with small cards, starting from the most recent recall to the oldest one.

It will be possible to go back to the homepage by tapping on the logo on the top left corner.

Product details

Information and contacts

On the product page there will be all the information needed in order to recognise the product: name, brand, what’s wrong with the product, additional information needed for particular products (for example, expiry date for food) and identification number.
It will also be possible to share the content with family or friends.

Most importantly, it will be possible to directly send an email to the competent authority, different for each Federal State.